The Regular Armoured Corps Regiments of the Pakistan Army

The early years until 1824

From 1824 to the Mutiny

From the The Mutiny to the Indian Army

The Regiments in 1902

From 1903 to the Reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1914

The reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1939

The Second World War and Independence

The Regiments of the Pakistan Army Armoured Corps since 1956


On partition in 1947 half of The Governor-General’s Bodyguard and six regiments (5th, 6th, The Guides Cavalry, 11th, 13th and 19th) were allocated to Pakistan. The 12th, 15th and 20th were re-raised in 1955/56.

In 1956 Pakistan became a republic and regimental designations with reference to royalty were changed as were the badges.

New regiments later filled the vacancies and then were numbered onwards. Designations Horse, Cavalry and Lancers are used as a link to the past.

PBG The President’s Bodyguard
4th Cavalry 4th Cavalry
5th Horse 5th Horse
6th Lancers 6th Lancers
7th Lancers 7th Lancers
8th Cavalry 8th Cavalry
14th Lancers 9th Horse
Guides Cavalry The Guides Cavalry (Frontier Force)
11th Cavalry 11th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
12th Cavalry 12th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
13th Lancers 13th Lancers
14th Lancers 14th Lancers
15th Lancers 15th Lancers
14th Lancers 16th Horse
14th Lancers 17th Lancers
18th Horse 18th Horse
19th Lancers 19th Lancers
20th Lancers 20th Lancers
21st Horse 21st Horse
22nd Cavalry 22nd Cavalry
23rd Cavalry 23rd Cavalry
24th Cavalry 24th Cavalry
25th Cavalry 25th Cavalry
26th Cavalry 26th Cavalry
27th Cavalry 27th Cavalry
28th Cavalry 28th Cavalry
29th Cavalry 29th Cavalry
30th Cavalry 30th Cavalry
31st Cavalry 31st Cavalry
32nd Cavalry 32nd Cavalry
33rd Cavalry 33rd Cavalry
34th Cavalry 34th Cavalry
34th Cavalry 35th Cavalry
34th Cavalry 36th Cavalry
34th Cavalry 37th Cavalry
38th Cavalry 38th Cavalry
39th Cavalry 39th Cavalry
40th Horse 40th Horse
41st Horse 41st Horse (Frontier Force)
42nd Lancers 42nd Lancers
43rd Lancers 43rd Lancers
44th Lancers 44th Lancers
45th Horse 45th Horse
42nd Lancers 47th Lancers
51st Lancers 51st Lancers
52nd Cavalry 52nd Cavalry
53rd Cavalry 53rd Cavalry
54th Cavalry 54th Cavalry
55th Cavalry 55th Cavalry
56th Cavalry 56th Cavalry
57th Cavalry 57th Cavalry
58th Cavalry 58th Cavalry

The Regiments of the Indian Army Armoured Corps since 1950