The Regular Cavalry Regiments of the British Indian Army

The early years until 1824

From 1824 to the Mutiny

From the The Mutiny to the Indian Army

- Bengal -
- Punjab -
- Madras -
- Hyderabad -
- Bombay -
- Central India -

- Bengal -
From 1861 Indian Army 1903
The Governor-General’s Bodyguard GGBG
1st Bengal Irregular Cavalry 1st Bengal Cavalry 1896: 1st Bengal Lancers 1st Lancers
2nd Bengal Irregular Cavalry 2nd Bengal Cavalry 1890: 2nd Bengal Lancers 2nd Lancers
4th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 3rd Bengal Cavalry 3rd Horse
6th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 4th Bengal Cavalry 1890: 4th Bengal Lancers 4th Lancers
7th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 5th Bengal Cavalry 5th Cavalry
8th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 6th Bengal Cavalry 6th Cavalry
17th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 7th Bengal Cavalry 1900: 7th Bengal Lancers 7th Lancers
18th Bengal Irregular Cavalry 8th Bengal Cavalry 1900: 8th Bengal Lancers 8th Lancers
1st Hodson’s Horse 9th Bengal Cavalry 1886: 9th Bengal Lancers 9th Horse
2nd Hodson’s Horse 10th Bengal Cavalry 1874: 10th Bengal Lancers 10th Lancers
1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry 11th Bengal Cavalry 1864: 11th Bengal Lancers 11th Lancers
2nd Sikh Irregular Cavalry 12th Bengal Cavalry 12th Cavalry
4th Sikh Irregular Cavalry 13th Bengal Cavalry 1864: 13th Bengal Lancers 13th Lancers
Murray’s Jat Horse 14th Bengal Cavalry 1864: 14th Bengal Lancers 14th Lancers
Cureton’s Multani Cavalry 15th Bengal Cavalry 1890: 15th Bengal Lancers 15th Lancers
Rohilcund Horse 16th Bengal Cavalry 1882: disbanded
1885: 16th Bengal Cavalry
1900: 16th Bengal Lancers 16th Cavalry
Muttra Horse 17th Bengal Cavalry 1882: disbanded
1885: 17th Bengal Cavalry
1900: 17th Bengal Lancers 17th Cavalry
2nd Mahratta Horse 18th Bengal Cavalry 1885: 18th Bengal Lancers 18th Lancers
Fane’s Horse 19th Bengal Cavalry 1864: 19th Bengal Lancers 19th Lancers

- Punjab -
From 1865 Indian Army 1903
Corps of Guides, PIF Corps of Guides, PFF Corps of Guides
1st Punjab Cavalry, PIF 1st Punjab Cavalry, PFF 21st Cavalry
2nd Punjab Cavalry, PIF 2nd Punjab Cavalry, PFF 22nd Cavalry
3rd Punjab Cavalry, PIF 3rd Punjab Cavalry, PFF 23rd Cavalry
4th Punjab Cavalry, PIF 4th Punjab Cavalry, PFF 1882: disbanded
5th Punjab Cavalry, PIF 5th Punjab Cavalry, PFF 25th Cavalry

- Madras -
From Indian Army 1903
1st Madras Light Cavalry 1886: 1st Madras Lancers 26th Light Cavalry
2nd Madras Light Cavalry 1886: 2nd Madras Lancers 27th Light Cavalry
3rd Madras Light Cavalry 1891: 3rd Madras Lancers 28th Light Cavalry
4th Madras Light Cavalry 1891: disbanded

- Hyderabad -
From Indian Army 1903
1st Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent 1890: 1st Lancers, HC 20th Horse
2nd Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent 1890: 2nd Lancers, HC 29th Lancers
3rd Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent 1890: 3rd Lancers, HC disbanded
4th Cavalry, Hyderabad Contingent 1890: 4th Lancers, HC 30th Lancers

- Bombay -
From 1861 Indian Army 1903
1st Bombay Light Cavalry 1880: 1st Bombay Lancers 31st Lancers
2nd Bombay Light Cavalry 1883: 2nd Bombay Lancers 32nd Lancers
3rd Bombay Light Cavalry 33rd Light Cavalry
1st Poona Irregular Horse 1st Poona Horse 1885: 4th Bombay Cavalry 34th Horse
2nd Poona Irregular Horse 2nd Poona Horse 1882: disbanded
1st Scinde Irregular Horse 1st Scinde Horse 1885: 5th Bombay Cavalry 35th Horse
2nd Scinde Irregular Horse 2nd Scinde Horse 1885: 6th Bombay Cavalry 36th Horse
Macauley’s Horse 3rd Scinde Horse 1882: disbanded
Gujerat Irregular Horse 1865: disbanded
Southern Mahratta Horse 1865: disbanded
2nd Southern Mahratta Horse 1882: disbanded
1885: 7th Bombay Cavalry
1890: 7th Bombay Lancers 37th Lancers

- Central India -
From 1861 Indian Army 1903
Mayne’s Horse 1st Central India Horse 38th Horse
Beatson’s Horse 2nd Central India Horse 39th Horse

The Regiments in 1902

From 1903 to the Reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1914

The Reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1939

The Second World War and Independence

The Regiments of the Indian Army Armoured Corps since 1950

The Regiments of the Pakistan Army Armoured Corps since 1956