The Regular Cavalry Regiments of the British Indian Army

The early years until 1824

- Bengal Native -
- Bengal Local -
- Madras Native -
- Bombay Native -
- Bombay Irregular -

- Bengal Native -
Bengal Native Cavalry Bengal Light Cavalry 1819
1773: Governor’s Troop of Moguls 1781: Governor-General’s Bodyguard Governor-General’s Bodyguard
1776: Oudh Cavalry 1787: 1st Bengal Native Cavalry 1st Bengal Light Cavalry
1778: Kandahar Horse 1787: 2nd Bengal Native Cavalry 2nd Bengal Light Cavalry
1796: 3rd Bengal Native Cavalry 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry
1797: 4th Bengal Native Cavalry 4th Bengal Light Cavalry
1800: 5th Bengal Native Cavalry 5th Bengal Light Cavalry
1800: 6th Bengal Native Cavalry 6th Bengal Light Cavalry
1805: 7th Bengal Native Cavalry 7th Bengal Light Cavalry
1805: 8th Bengal Native Cavalry 8th Bengal Light Cavalry

- Bengal Local -
Bengal Local Horse 1823
1803: Skinner’s Horse 1st Bengal Local Horse
1809: Gardner’s Horse 2nd Bengal Local Horse
1815: 1st Rohilla Cavalry 3rd Bengal Local Horse
1815: 2nd Rohilla Cavalry 1819: disbanded
1815: 3rd Rohilla Cavalry 1819: disbanded
1814: 2nd Skinner’s Horse 4th Bengal Local Horse
1815: 3rd Skinner’s Horse 1819: disbanded
1823: Cough’s Horse 5th Bengal Local Horse

- Madras Native -
Madras Native Cavalry Madras Light Cavalry 1819
1778: 1st Madras Native Cavalry 1784: mutinied
1784: 2nd Madras Native Cavalry 1784: mutinied
1784: 3rd Madras Native Cavalry 1788: 2nd Madras Native Cavalry 2nd Madras Light Cavalry
1784: 4th Madras Native Cavalry 1784: mutinied
1784: 2nd Madras Native Cavalry 1788: 3nd Madras Native Cavalry 3rd Madras Light Cavalry
1785: 3rd Madras Native Cavalry 1788: 4th Madras Native Cavalry 1796: disbanded
1785: 4th Madras Native Cavalry 1788: 5th Madras Native Cavalry 1799: 4th Madras Native Cavalry 4th Madras Light Cavalry
1787: 5th Madras Native Cavalry 1788: 1st Madras Native Cavalry 1st Madras Light Cavalry
1799: 5th Madras Native Cavalry 5th Madras Light Cavalry
1799: 6th Madras Native Cavalry 6th Madras Light Cavalry
1800: 7th Madras Native Cavalry 7th Madras Light Cavalry
1804: 8th Madras Native Cavalry 8th Madras Light Cavalry

- Bombay Native -
Bombay Light Cavalry
1817:1st Bombay Light Cavalry
1817:2nd Bombay Light Cavalry
1820:3rd Bombay Light Cavalry

- Bombay Irregular -
Bombay Irregular Cavalry
1817:Poona Auxiliary Horse

From 1824 to the Mutiny

From the The Mutiny to the Indian Army

The Regiments in 1902

From 1903 to the Reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1914

The Reorganisation of 1922

The Regiments in 1939

The Second World War and Independence

The Regiments of the Indian Army Armoured Corps since 1950

The Regiments of the Pakistan Army Armoured Corps since 1956