The Infantry Regiments of the Australian Army

The Regiments of the Australian Army 1903 - 1912

The Regiments of the Australian Army 1912 - 1918

The Battalions of the Australian Imperial Force in the Great War

The Battalions between the World Wars

b01 1st Battalion (The East Sidney Regiment)
b02 2nd Battalion (The City of Newcastle Regiment)
b03 3rd Battalion (The Werriwa Regiment)
b04 4th Battalion (The Australian Rifles)
b05 5th Battalion (The Victorian Scottish Regiment)
b06 6th Battalion (The Royal Melbourne Regiment)
b07 7th Battalion (The North West Murray Borderers)
b08 8th Battalion (The City of Ballarat Regiment)
b09 9th Battalion (The Moreton Regiment)
b10 10th Battalion (The Adelaide Rifles)
b11 11th Battalion (The City of Perth Regiment)
b12 12th Battalion (The Launceston Regiment)
b13 13rd Battalion (The Maitland Regiment)
b14 14th Battalion (The Prahran Regiment)
b15 15th Battalion (The Oxley Regiment)
b16 16th Battalion (The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia)
b17 17th Battalion (The North Sidney Regiment)
b18 18th Battalion (The Kuring-Gai Regiment)
b19 19th Battalion (The South Sidney Regiment)
b20 20th Battalion (The Parramatta and Blue Mountains Regiment)
b21 21st Battalion (The Victorian Rangers)
b22 22nd Battalion (The Richmond Regiment)
b23 23rd Battalion (The City of Geelong Regiment)
b24 24th Battalion (The Kooyong Regiment)
b25 25th Battalion (The Darling Downs Regiment)
b26 26th Battalion (The Logan and Albert Regiment)
b27 27th Battalion (The South Australian Scottish Regiment)
b28 28th Battalion (The Swan Regiment)
ibb29 29th Battalion (The East Melbourne Regiment)
b30-t2 30th Battalion (The New South Wales Scottish)
b31 31st Battalion (The Kennedy Regiment)
b32 32nd Battalion (The Footscray Regiment)
b33 33rd Battalion (The New England Regiment)
b34 34th Battalion (The Illawarra Regiment)
b35 35th Battalion (Newcastle’s Own Regiment)
b36 36th Battalion (The St. George’s English Rifle Regiment)
b37 37th Battalion (The Henty Regiment)
b38 38th Battalion (The Bendigo Regiment)
b39 39th Battalion (The Hawthorn-Kew Regiment)
b40 40th Battalion (The Derwent Regiment)
b41 41st Battalion (The Byron Regiment)
b42 42nd Battalion (The Capricornia Regiment)
b43 43rd Battalion (The Hindmarsh Regiment)
b44 44th Battalion (The West Australian Rifles)
b45 45th Battalion (The St. George Regiment)
b46 46th Battalion (The Brighton Rifles)
b47 47th Battalion (The Wide Bay Regiment)
b48 48th Battalion (The Torrens Regiment)
b49 49th Battalion (The Stanley Regiment)
ib01 50th Battalion (The Barrier Regiment)
b51 51st Battalion (The Far North Queensland Regiment)
b52 52nd Battalion (The Gippsland Regiment)
b53 53rd Battalion (The West Sydney Regiment)
b54 54th Battalion (The Lachlan-Macquarie Regiment)
b55 55th Battalion (The New South Wales Rifle Regiment)
b56 56th Battalion (The Riverina Regiment)
b57 57th Battalion (The Merri Regiment)
b58 58th Battalion (The Essendon, Coburg, Brunswick Rifles)
b59 59th Battalion (The Hume Regiment)
b60 60th Battalion (The Heidelberg Regiment)
b61 61st Battalion (The Queensland Cameron Highlanders)

The Battalions of the Second Australian Imperial Force in World War II

The Reorganisation of the Battalions in 1960

The Regiments of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps in 2010